National Parks in the West Coast of USA (1)

The beauty of nature is our irreplaceable wealth in the world. Therefore, I would like visiting the national parks every time when I travel. At the same time, I also would like to show those photos and videos to my grandmother as she has been 90 years old, couldn’t travel with me so often. I believe that photos can save the best moments while videos can tell the stories. I hope my grandmother can explore the world through my camera lens. In return, I can record every moment with her by my camera too.

Today, I would like to introduce the national parks with some special places in the mid-US when I visited in 2009. (If there are chances, I would like to go again=P). Here you go!

  1. Arches National Park in Utah

2. Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota

 3. Mt.Rushmore in South Dakota

4. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

5. Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah

6. State Capital in Salt Lake City, Utah

7. Great Salt Lake State Marina in Utah

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