Be a Fashsion Queen While Traveling – Dior BookTote Bag

As a man who likes/loves a woman, he must know one thing about women – “women have no antibodies to four things, which are jewelries, lipsticks, bags and shoes.”

Among all kinds of bag, tote bag would be the must-have item in women’s closet. It is not only because of its functionalities, but also a fashion item that you can carry throughout your whole life. For example, you can use a tote bag while you are in school, at work, going to gym or yoga, traveling, doing grocery or taking care of children. It is the item which can stay with you without being restricted by the trend cycle.

Today, I am going to introduce the Dior booktote that I bought recently.

  1. The reason I bought this bag: functionality with unique style

Honestly, I am a small bag lover and it is hard to find a tote bag in my bag collection. However, since I have immigrated to Chicago, I need to keep traveling between Hong Kong, Greater China and Chicago quite often. A big and tough tote bag can provide me enough space to put my canon camera, macbook, small tripod, travel documents and a wallet, etc. while I am on the plane.

Therefore, Dior tote bag will be my choice as the canvas materials are very tough and not easy to fold. It can protect my stuffs inside my bag in some certain level. At the same time, the style is quite easy for mix and match. You can bring it when you are in smart causal wear or lady look.

  1. The reason I chose this pattern

When I decided to buy this bag, I struggled between two patterns: monogram v.s. bohemia style. For me, I did’t like monogram because the “dior brand name” print was too much for me although this kind of style would be a permanent/classic one. Instead of monogram, the bohemia style was quite unique and eye-catching. And my salesperson recommended this one too because this pattern was seasonal, you couldn’t buy it later but you could buy the monogram one when you wanted to anytime. So…at the end….welcome home!

Sometimes, buying something to reward yourself doesn’t need any excuses, but just simply because you love it and want to buy it. However, if you do need, then Christmas gift will be the good excuse.  Wish you all a Merry Christmas ahead.

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