Skin Masque-Making Workshop – Scratch Goods in Greek Town, Chicago

How much do you know about Chicago?

A windy city?

Deep Dish?


A Cheese City?

The mid-US?

A city where is famous with architectures?

Yes, you are right. That are all the basic impressions of Chicago if you are a traveler and just stay in Chicago for few days, you probably will discover/find these online as the sight-seeing tips.

However, if you have more time to stay, you can truly, deeply experience the cuteness/culture of Chicago City by joining some local workshops.

Today, I am going to introduce a beauty workshop which is located in Greek town, Chicago.

It’s called “Scratch Goods”.

Official website:

I am a skincare lover, especially addicted to those products composed of natural, organic ingredients.

The products in Scratch Goods are exactly what I expected.

Established in 2015 by Maureen and Elizabeth, who know that 70% of what is applied to our skin is absorbed into our bodies, it is necessary to keep our personal skincare products to be simple, natural, affordable with fragrance from pure essential oils, and zero water, eliminating the need for synthetic preservatives.

They believe that food-grade ingredients not only are safe enough to eat but also can be the ingredients of skincare product. Therefore, it’s not hard to discover those food names when I attended its 10-seat “Smoothie Bar”workshop in May.

Their skincare workshops are only available during weekends and it would be safe to reserve your seats at advance online especially when u just plan to stay in Chicago for few days, see if you can catch the weekend schedule.

I will suggest you to arrive earlier than your section time starts in order to enjoy the chilling and relaxing environment and make a cup of tea for yourself/take a look of its product display areas to see if you can find something interesting/useful.

Below are the photos of studio and the vlog of how the workshop looked like and what I mixed for myself.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Please enjoy and support this local beauty business if you want to experience some different while you travel in Chicago.

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