Mid-Year Sale 2019

Women like shopping.

No matter what time it is, where she is, what she shops, as long as she wants to shop, then will shop even the legs are broken.

Don’t you agree?

Well…Please don’t argue with me on this topic because it is the bloody truth…

As now is already June, almost half year of 2019 has passed, it’s a time for department stores to have a mid-year sale on cleaning up the off-season items.

Being a responsible shopaholic, of course, I will save all the targeted items on my wish-list or shopping cart at advance until the on-sale period is coming.

Today, I am going to introduce 1 blazer and 3 earrings that I bought in June 2019 for your consideration.

Below is the unboxing video for those items in Cantonese with some English subtitles.


  1. Burberry Blazer: based on the influence of my family, if I want to buy a blazer from those luxury brands, Burberry will be the option. Therefore, when I was informed by SMS that Burberry would be on sale at late May, I decided to take a look in store and finally I bought this one because of the subtle details located on sleeves and collar, especially the embroideries on both collars. And the shoulder pads can straighten up your body and make you look taller. Since it is in black color, it’s easy to match every clothe at your home to create different styles.
  1. APM Monaco Ear Cuff: as I have mentioned on my previous unboxing videos, I am the fan of APM Monaco. Their earrings are my favorite items as always because of its simplified and elegant style. I have been looking for an ear cuff for long but couldn’t find a suitable one until I see this. This ear cuff is very light and in tree leaves pattern to create a clean and stylish style. The only shortcoming of this cuff is the painfulness that brings to my ear. It’s highly recommended to try it one in store before buying, to see if you can bear the discomfortable feeling that created.


  1. APM Manaco Single Earring: this single earring is in “snow” pattern with a one long diamond tassel to create a simple but elegant feeling. Since it’s in silver color, it’s good for any formal dress.


  1. Ooak Single Earring from LaneCrawford: Winding into arches, this single Vertigo earring from OOAK curves into moveable parts that, when separated, renders a striking, structural impression. Those who adore this dynamic formation will love the detachable, colourblocked iteration.

That’s all my recent favorite items from mid-year sale period. Will share more later and stay-tuned with my blog.






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